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Combination Shower / Eye Wash Stations
These combination stations use a single water source to provide multiple response options at one location. You get the safety features you need at an affordable price!

Specifications :
All showers have a 10"-dia., yellow ABS plastic or corrosion-resistant stainless steel shower head and 9" floor flange. Water flow is activated by a stainless steel pull rod with triangular handle. Shower with Eye Wash units are equipped with two soft-spray outlet heads with dustcovers, stainless steel or plastic bowl and galvanized steel pipe protected with safety yellow coating. Shower with Eye/Face Wash units bathe the entire face and eyes with wide-pattern, soft-spray outlet heads. Eye Wash and Eye/Face Wash units are activated by stainless steel or PVC push handle.

Note :
No. 105928 does not include a bowl.
Drench Hose, Foot Control or Shower Alarm options can be added to any of the units.
Water Supply: 1-1/4" IPS female.
Waste or Outlet: 1-1/4" IPS.
Flow Rate at 30 psi
Exceeds Shower: 20 gpm
Eye Wash: 0.4 gpm
Eye/Face Wash: 3 gpm.

Compliance :
ANSI Z358.1-2004. SEI certified.
Eye Washes
Irrigate eyes with a soft flow of water to bathe away contaminants without causing additional damage. Choose from a range of affordable options.

Specifications :
Eye Washes include two soft-spray outlet heads (of chrome-plated brass) with float-off dustcovers to keep contaminants out. Eye/Face Washes have large, wide-pattern, soft-spray outlet heads (of perforated ABS plastic) to bathe the entire face and eyes. Push handle with 1/2" chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valve activates water flow for all models. Galvanized steel pipes protected with safety yellow coating. Choose from ABS plastic or stainless steel bowl.

Water Supply : 1/2" IPS female.
Waste or Outlet : 1-1/4" IPS.
Flow Rate at 30 psi : Eye Wash 0.4 gpm; Eye/Face Wash 3 gpm.

Compliance :
ANSI Z358.1-1998. SEI certified.
Stainless Steel Combination Showers
Combination ShowersChoose Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel or PVC PlasticEasy-to-install units feature high-visibility yellow ABS plastic shower heads, stainless steel pull actuators, 8" flanges for secure floor mounting, stay-open valve and emergency sign. Eye and Face Wash models include ABS plastic spray heads, catch basins and pop-off covers.

Specifications :
All-stainless-steel piping and valves stand up best in high-corrosion settings. • Water Supply: Shower: 1-1/4 in. NPT.

Flow Rates at 30 psi:
Shower: 30 gpm;
Eye Wash: 3.5 gpm; Face Wash: 8 gpm.

Compliance :
ANSI Z358.1-1998. SEI certified.
Stainless Steel Showers
Counter top Eye and Eye / Face Washes
Installs to Existing Sink for Economical Compliance ABS plastic wash heads swivel over sink and lock in ready position.

Specifications :
Features attractive smooth chrome-plated bronze piping, fittings and ball valve. Permanently fixed base prevents push plate from loosening or turning upon activation. Comes in your choice of right- or left-hand sink mount.

Water Supply : 3/8" NPT.
Flow Rate at 30 psi:
Eye Wash : 3.5 gpm;
Eye / Face Wash : 8.0 gpm
Combination Showers w/ Eye Wash
Patented "impeller action" shower head produces a soft, cone-shaped pattern of water that covers a larger area.

Specifications :
High-visibility yellow pull rod. Integral 20 gpm flow restrictor, stanchion, floor flange and interconnecting piping. Dual aerated sprays with automatic flow control and flip-top dust covers. Choose painted Galvanized Steel model for most workplaces, or Stainless Steel model for more corrosive environments. Both are available with a rounded ABS plastic or stainless steel bowl.

Water Supply : 1-1/4" NPTF.
Waste or Outlet : 1-1/4" NPTF.
Flow Rate at 30 psi:
Shower : 20 gpm;
Eye Wash : 3.42 gpm.

Compliance :
ANSI Z358.1-1998. SGS US Testing Co. certified.